Micro Soldering Starter Pack

$95.48 $71.61 AUD inc. GST

A variety of Tools and Consumables to kick off your microsoldering/motherboard repair arsenal.

We put everything in that we could think of, and bundled it together for a discounted price!

As we add more we feel belongs in this pack, we will add it accordingly.

Jumper/Trace Repair Wire (0.01mm x 11M)
$2.50 AUD inc. GST
$8.00 AUD inc. GST
MG Chemicals #8341 No Clean Soldering Flux Paste
$32.00 AUD inc. GST
$8.00 AUD inc. GST
$9.99 AUD inc. GST
Vetus Tweezers
$19.99 AUD inc. GST
Micro BGA Solder Balls
$15.00 AUD inc. GST

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