Hot Air Deflector PCB (5x10cm)

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This Hot Air Deflector is useful for protecting sensitive parts from indirect hot air flow.

When performing motherboard repairs on an iPad for example, it’s not always productive to remove the motherboard from is housing. The HAD5050/HAD5001 can help raise the board, preventing the housing from acting as a heatsink. In addition the Hot Air Deflector can aid in diverting hot air away from sensitive components, such as the battery, plastics, cameras ect.

The design of the board is very simple. It’s just a PCB with a Copper Pour on one side. You can insert the board between components, with the Copper side facing your rework area.

The board is not intended for direct hot air flow.

The HAD5001 is 1.6mm X 50mm X 100mm, and has a small metric ruler.

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