Easy Trace Jumper – iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Audio IC (Intel)

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Introducing the Easy Trace Jumper.

Do you find yourself repairing traces with wires, struggling with tweezers, pulling pads by accident, swearing at UV mask that takes too long to cure, and wishing for a better solution? Wish no more!

The Easy Trace Jumper takes the variables out of common repairs, like iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Audio IC C12 fracture. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, everyone can benefit from this little gem.

With this simple flex, you can repair iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Audio IC failures perfectly the first time, faster than ever before!

What makes this product so unique?

  • Self Aligning – The unusual shape isn’t an accident. We went through many iterations, and designed this FPC to “drop in” using surrounding components as a guide. The ETJ is self aligning, so your jumpers and pads are perfectly aligned every time.
  • No Braiding – No need to clean those pads bare and risk any further damage. The ETJ works best when there is already a small amount of solder on the pads.
  • No Wires – There is no need to run any wires to surface traces. Just drop the ETJ in place, spot solder the edges, and place your IC.
  • No Solder Mask – Stop struggling with UV solder mask. No more “blobs” of green liquid running between components. The ETJ has solder mask already, so those traces are protected.
  • No Delay – No wires, no obsessive cleaning of flux, and no mask to cure, means no delays in getting the repair done.
  • Flat Flex – No need to worry about your radial wires preventing the IC from sitting flush/flat. The ETJ is flat, like the motherboard, and like the IC, so it’s right at home sitting between the two.
  • Perfect Placement – With corners marked for you, perfect placement of the IC is a breeze. Just check the corner alignment marks when placing the IC.
  • More than just C12 – We included all the surface traces for you. You won’t experience an issue with microphone function or lightning headphones due to lack of jumpers. There’s 8 surface traces, including a ground. In addition, there’s a network of ground connections underneath, so you won’t run into issues due to a missing analog/digital ground reference
  • Professional Finish – The finished repair looks great. Just like a clean desk, there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with a clean trace repair job.


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Important Notes:

  • This version is for INTEL ONLY (These are more common in Australia). The Qualcomm Variant (ETJ7AQ) can be found HERE.
  • Motherboard Repair is an expert field. You should only attempt this repair if you are an experienced micro-solderer / motherboard repair technician.
  • Excessive Heat, and iron dwell time can cause the flex to swell/warp. If you experience swelling, warping, or any kind of malfunction while installing the flex, you should adjust your temperatures/times accordingly.
  • No refunds will be issued, and no liability held due to flex/board damage during installation.
  • In the video below, this was out first ever attempt at installing the first ever ETJ7AI to a device. Your mileage may vary, and the proposed steps may not be the best/easiest. If you come up with a better/easier/faster method, please let us know!
  • Flexes are shipped in an FPC panel. A few small cuts are required to be made to separate the flex from the panel. By shipping the flexes this way, they are less likely to be damaged in shipping, or during unpacking. It also keeps all the flexes together if you order multiple.
  • Back-orders may take a few weeks to ship, depending on the amount of back-orders, shipping delays, location etc.
  • Version 1.3 of the flex contains a small tag (situated between two capacitors) that you may wish to remove prior to installation (see image below). This tag can present issues with some boards, depending on the specific placement of components (pick and place machines vary in tolerance).



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