CommBatt S.P.A.R (Standalone Portable Analysis Rig) MOD ONLY – DIY Kit

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Recently we posted a blog article on modifying Kaisi Test Fixtures.

Shortly after posting the article we received a number of messages from people requesting we perform the modification for them.

The project was really just a sneak peak into what is to come. It was never intended to be anything more than an unsophisticated hack. While it mostly consisted of soldering some wires, drilling some holes, and glue, there’s a fair bit of time involved in the process, and the outcome is a fairly functional, but fairly ugly unit.

We didn’t feel right offering the process as a service. The reality is, we wouldn’t want to pay someone for the time involved for a hack job.

Due to the volume of requests we had, we decided to throw a kit together with a PCB to replace those ugly wires. The PCB/kit provides a little bit more functionality than the original project, looks a lot prettier, and can be used as a standalone unit.

The PCB is designed with the following:

  • Genuine FTDI FT232RQ USB to UART IC
  • ATmega328PB AVR
  • TP4056 (for Charging)
  • FDMS769 (for Discharging)

This Kit contains everything required to modify a Kaisi Test Fixture.

This PCB comes as a DIY Kit, but is available fully assembled, and with the Battery Terminals/7 Segment displays, for use as a Standalone Unit.

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