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We offer general micro soldering repair on a wide variety of electronic devices at great prices. We’ve been operating from our shop in Market Square Shopping Centre, Geelong since 1998, from the time when mobile phones truly started to become more mainstream.

Our Service Vision

A One Mobiles and Repairs has a vision to enhance our customer experience to mnimise costly replacement of devises by offering advanced repairs.

Our Services Mission

Simply is to satisfy customers with board level repairs.

Company Experience

A One Mobiles and Repairs has seen technology grow from the days of bag phones to the smallest hand held phones and now to the smartest phones repairing for the future.

Micro soldering and Board repairs is an art and it takes dedication and many hours, months & years to expertise! A One Mobiles Techs have taken extensive training from the best in the world. With this training we can perform board level work that allows A One Mobiles & Repairs to provide service to our Geelong community, & mail in repairs state-wide from our neighbours Melbourne, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Sydney & Queensland.

What are some of the common repairs we perform?

  • Touch ic repairs non- responsive touch and grey bars on 6+
  • Back lights ic and filters diodes- when you just see apple logo
  • Tristar replacement- no power and no conectivity with computer
  • No power- caused by shorted capacitors or water damage
  • Charger ports ipads-tablets and mobile phones
  • FPC connectors- lcd-touch-camera-power button
  • Data recovery from water damage or common damage on devices

The most common problems on the iPhone, iPad, iPod & Smartphones are listed
If you can’t find the repair you require listed, please contact us for a quote.

If you have damaged a connector or damaged components with a pry tool while
attempting your own repair, no need to worry.

  • Touch Ic – still no touch after screen replacment IC will be replacement
  • Damaged FPC (touch screen FPC ) Connector
  • Damaged Battery Connector
  • Pry damage (classic damage symptoms on an iPhone
  • iPhone Charging IC (U2 / Tristar) Replacement
  • SIM Card Reader Replacement
  • Crystal Oscillator Replacement (iPhone time not updating)
  • No Backlight – Filters-diodes-coil-backlight driver ic
  • Charge Port Replacements iphone-samsung -htc-nokia -sony
    Solderedon charger port can be replaced
  • Power Management (No Power)
  • Tigris Ic
  • NFC ic
  • Samsung Power Management ic PMIC
  • No Image ( No backlight) no display
  • Running jumpers and line tracing
  • No Audio – Audio ic
  • No charge solution on Ipad air
  • Wifi Greyed out or not activating


Repairs available for mobile phone shops, Schools, Company & Corporate
account set up available. MAIL IN REPAIRS


Get us on the phone anytime during normal business hours:
You can reach us on:
(03) 5222 2777



Get us on the phone anytime during normal business hours:
You can reach us on:

[email protected]



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