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20 Years and counting

Celebrating 20 Years of Service!

In 2018 A One Mobiles is celebrating its 20th year of operation. With such a long standing history in the Mobile Device industry, you can rest assured we will be around for a long time.

After 20 years we have now relocated to a bigger and better premises and can offer more than ever!

Our family owned business offered phone contracts when only a small percentage of the population had mobile phones. We have witnessed the rise of Smartphones over the years, and continue to support the community today by providing multiple levels of repair to keep you connected.

We always strive to provide the best service we can, and cater to as many scenarios as possible. That’s why for many years now, we have dedicated countless hours to understanding the inner workings of devices.




Accessories and More

We stock a wide range of accessories for a variety of devices.

From Generic Covers, Flip Covers with Printed Graphical Designs, Tempered Glass / Plastic Screen Protectors, to Wall Chargers, Cables, and Headphones, we do our best to provide the accessories your device needs.



Not Just Phones

Don’t let the name fool you. We repair far more than just Mobile Phones.

A One Mobiles and Repairs offer advanced repair services for almost any electronics we can fit in our workspace. Tablets, Media Devices, GPS Systems, even Farming and Agriculture, and Industry Specialised equipment.

Our Experts can reverse engineer, diagnose, and repair almost anything!



Data Recovery

One of the most common types of mail-in jobs we receive is for Data Recovery. Perhaps you have thousands of irreplaceable photos/videos, memos/notes, text messages, or even evidence required for a court case.

Whatever the case, be it Forensic Data Recovery, or retrieving precious memories of your children as babies, you might be surprised what we can recover data from. We have a track record for the seemingly impossible, from water ingress damaged devices, to invisible fractures, to devices that have suffered extreme trauma.



Australia Wide Service

Our Geelong based business services more than just our local community. Consumers all around Australia can send us their devices for diagnosis and repair. We offer ALL repairs via our mail-in service, from Screen Replacements, to complex motherboard repair.

We cater to individuals, Small Businesses, Schools / Educational Facilities, and even Corporations. With amazing support from the industry, we also offer B2B services to technicians from all over the country.



World-Wide Industry Support

Believing in your industry, is believing in yourself. There’s always more to learn, and the mobile repair industry is known for some level of mystery. Our aim has always been to be as transparent as possible.

As a result, we are known for sharing some of the most in depth information we know with our consumers, and even our competitors in the industry. We are very proud to say this has resulted in a world-wide reputation for trust. We strongly believe in our work, and we think our customers and industry deserve to know exactly what we do and why.

We support 3rd party repair in all industries, and think consumers should have the right to choose who repairs their device. That’s why we have put so much time into arming our own industry with the right information, and continue to set industry standards where we see the need.



Multi-Level Services

We offer multiple levels of service, right here, in house. We keep outsourcing to an absolute minimum, and have the experience and equipment to perform all levels of repair.

  • Level 1: Software Repair – Settings, Configuration, and more. Not every repair requires the disassembly of your device.


  • Level 2: Modular Part Replacement – Cracked Screens, Cameras, Charging/USB Connectors, Speakers, Microphones. All of our techs can replace anything in your device that can be removed and replaced with industry standard tools.


  • Level 3: Motherboard Repair – Our diagnosticians and microsoldering experts can perform component level replacement, from Surface-Mount Technology/Devices (SMT/SMD), to Micro Ball Grid Array (BGA). You don’t have to accept “your motherboard is faulty”. We have the capabilities to perform intricate motherboard repair, save you money, and recover your data.


  • Level 4: Specialist Electrical Engineering/Redevelopment – Need something unique? Our experienced staff can design PCBs, Prototypes, and more. For years we have observed circuit failure in all kinds of devices. If a component within your expensive, specialist equipment continues to fail, we have the ability to offer not just a replacement, but a solution. This includes but is not limited to redesigning defective PCBs / Circuit Boards, to rectify design oversights. Stop paying for repeated part failure that results in downtime for your business.



Backed by Warranty

All of our repairs come backed by a Minimum 3 Month Warranty.

We stand by our services and techniques, and perform all repairs with longevity in mind. We use the highest quality parts and components we can obtain, to restore your device to as close as its original manufactured state as possible.

In some cases, especially in relation to motherboard/component level repair, your repaired device may be even more resilient than it was new. This is due to our techniques for rectifying engineering failures, such as rerouting weak/poorly routed traces, replacing obsolete/superseded parts with newer, less failure prone ones, and providing additional structural support in trouble locations.



Mobile Muster

Reducing E-Waste

We believe in REPAIR. Our staff always make every effort we can to minimise costs, and the need for expensive replacement devices.

We want to give our customers devices a longer life, and don’t want to see devices end up in landfill. This is why we invest so much time into being able to offer a solution wherever possible, no matter how advanced.

As a Mobile Muster Recycle Drop-off Point, we can also collect unwanted/unrepairable devices, unusable parts, and more. A One Mobiles and Repairs collected 68 KGS of Mobile Phone Components from 2017-2018.

Recycling is the key to sustainability, and we believe Repair is the ultimate in recycling.



Training and Education

By the end of 2020, we will finally be offering diagnostic and repair training. This will include basic to advanced diagnostics, methods, microsoldering, and more!

For years we have been offering our support to the industry. Due to popular request, and our new purpose built location, we finally have the capabilities to reveal the secrets to our more complicated repairs in a classroom setting.

Stay tuned, more information is on its way!



Supporting the Geelong Community

Over the years we have formed trusted relationships with many individuals, businesses, and educational facilities, such as:


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Most of our services are listed on our Service Pricing page.


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