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Celebrating 20 Years of Service!20 Years and counting

In 2018 A One Mobiles will be celebrating its 20th year of operation at Market Square Shopping centre.
In that time we have repaired just about every phone that has come on the Australian market, from the glory days of Nokia and phones like the 5110 and 3310 to the release of the first iPhones in Australia through to the rise of Sony and Samsung.

Along with the standard type of phone repair offered by many, we are also a micro soldering and board level repair centre, replacing individual chips and components on the motherboards of phones and tablets repairing the connecting lines on the boards themselves or completely replacing the components when needed, this is an extremely specialised process and requires a lot of high tech equipment and highly trained technicians, we are one of only a handful of businesses that offer this service Australia wide and we are extremely proud of our mail in system that facilitates businesses and individuals from around Australia and New Zealand to ship their own devices, or in the case of our business partners, their customers devices to us for fast assessment and turn around.

On top of all this we also offer software recovery, data backup, recovery and restore services, water damage recovery data transfer from your old phone to a new phone, accessories etc

A One Mobiles and Repairs mission statement is to offer our customers the best service possible, for the lowest price possible at the highest quality possible.

This is something our owner and operator really believes in and instils in all his employees.
Over a career in mobile phones and technology that spans 30 plus years, from selling contracts and handsets in the days of the old briefcase or “brick and bag phones”, to wholesaling landlines to large corporations, to franchised contract sales and to settling in Market Square twenty years ago and establishing A One Mobiles and Repairs,  he has developed a very strong personal and professional ethic when it comes to business and especially customer service and care which he takes enormous time and effort to instil into his employees, namely the best way to ensure our own success is to give our customers the most honest and complete service we can give them.

We never recommend repairs that aren’t necessary, we always test and retest and make sure that what is best for you and your devices is what will be the best for you in the long run and after twenty years in business with  an enormous catalogue of repeat customers you can be sure that A One Mobiles and Repairs will always be here when you need us.

So from all of us here at A One Mobiles and Repairs, we hope you don’t hesitate to call us or drop into our store and have a chat to our staff, you can also call us on 03 5222 2777.

Supporting our community

Over the years we have formed trusted relationships with many individuals, businesses, and educational facilities, such as:

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