XS Max Data Choke

iPhone XS Max No picture No display Geelong Repairs

Phone XS Max No picture (Motherboard Repair)

Device came in with no picture (black screen) and after confirming that the device still had current draw and pulling 1.5 amps indicating the device was still turning on but had no display.

We then proceeded finding the line that was down via diode reading the FPC connector realizing the 90_MIPI_AP_TO_DISPLAY_CLK_CONN_P connection was down and after some diagnostics we confirmed the Data choke was fractured causing the connection to be OL (open line).

XS Max Data Choke
Replacing the data choke and confirming that we had our reading back on the FPC we proceeded to connect the lcd back to the mother board, Display is back and we have picture and touch back to our screen.
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Finished product showing the screen now has picture

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