iPhone 7 Data recovery

iPhone 7 Data recovered WHAT A WIN 🙌

Data recovery is our specialty! This iPhone 7 phone was run over by a car and bent directly through the middle making it difficult to remove the mother board without creating any further stress to it.

After removing the board on the iPhone 7 we assessed the device visually confirming a broken top tail of the phone causing PP_VDD_Main short, removed the short to PP_VDD_Main- this allowed the device to be clean on the main power rail.

Once again another visual check to confirm possible fractures to either CPU or PMIC and NAND which looked clear.

Now to confirm what the board will do at prompt to boot, this confirmed there was a possible issue communication with CPU and NAND.

Thankfully the issue was not internal to any of the major ic’s and was a short on PP1v8 and PP0V9_NAND, we relieved the short by removing the capacitors that caused the short.

We now have a device that will boot and connect to the computer!
Our mail in customer is now happy with 256Gb phone memory, over 10,000 photos backed up saving all pictures and creating a fully transferable backup to a new device if needed.

The work we do take’s dedication and time understanding the concept of schematics and board view diagrams and working on customer device should only be handled by experienced professional technicians.

Thank You Jon from (ACT) for Trusting A One Mobiles & Repairs in retrieving your Data.

Data complete

Message Us if you need to get Data of your phone.
Or simply use the the link below to send us your device;


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