iPhone 6S Battery Testing

Bring out your Batteries!


There is one question that plagues repair shops around the world. One of those unanswerable mysteries of the industry.

Who sells the best iPhone/iPad Batteries?


As many are already aware, we have been working on an open-source battery tester, to put an end to the mystery. For weeks now, we have been working with the development boards, writing the software for the CommBatt project.

Incredible progress has been made, and we can now very accurately determine the quality of a battery pack. With enough combined tests to call out even the most convincing fakes and reprogrammed IC’s, we are ready to gather some statistics in advance.

The specific details of the tests performed during analysis are going to be kept quiet until the code is released. In doing so, we aren’t giving suppliers/manufacturers time to prepare to trick the system once again. This also means any tests performed on current supplier stock, will be completely objective.

So before we proceed, to make sure everything is as it should be, and in the interest of public awareness, we have a request..




If you represent a company that supplies iPhone/iPad batteries, we would like to offer you the opportunity to take part in a world first study. Our aim is to gather as many batteries, from as many suppliers as possible, and perform tests on all of them.

This certainly won’t be a “name and shame” exercise. The results of all individual tests will be emailed to a nominated email address, and otherwise kept confidential. If there’s something wrong with a battery we test, you will be given specific details of exactly what that is, so that you can do your best to rectify it.

With that said, and with explicit permission, we would like to share who has the best packs overall, and for each individual model.

The suppliers with the best batteries, will be named and recommended right here.

The tests will be performed FREE OF CHARGE. So you have nothing to lose by sending us your batteries if they fail the test, but a fairly substantial benefit to reputation and sales, should you come out on top.



How will the results be displayed?

We plan to categorise results as such, with the consent of suppliers:

  • The Best Overall, worldwide (the #1 spot)
  • The Best per Model, worldwide
  • The Best Overall, per specific country
  • The Best per Model, per specific country

The number of results will depend on the level of supplier cooperation, for each country. This will allow consumers to determine who has the best batteries in their own country (if applicable), so that they can try to source good quality packs locally where possible.




Send us your Batteries!

If your company wishes to get involved, here’s what you need to provide:

  • As many batteries as you wish to send. You are welcome to send more than one “quality” for each model.
  • The physical location of your shipping center(s).
  • The locations in which you service (eg: Worldwide / Australia Only).
  • Your Websites URL.
  • A nominated email address for test results to be sent.
  • For each battery, the URL for the product on your online store, or an SKU ect, which can be used to find the product on your website.
  • Your written consent to display the results, should you be found to be a leading supplier.


Batteries sent will not be returned. The logistics of doing so are too complicated.

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Participants must send their products by 31/10/2018


Send your batteries, with the above information to:

A One Mobiles & Repairs

Kiosk 6, Market Square Shopping Centre
Malop Street
Geelong, Victoria, 3220






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