iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Audio IC Repair.



iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Audio IC Repair! Audio problems like inability to hear people when you call them or they call you?
Had the speaker replaced by another shop and still no sound during calls?

Since the release of the iPhone 7 and the 7 plus most technicians were concerned that the repairs on these phones where going to be limited due to the fact that Apple have been trying to lock out 3rd party repairs for generations now by encrypting the functions on the home button and disabling the fingerprint scanner if the button is repaired or removed .
Technicians across Australia and the world braced themselves again, this time when they were attempting to repair iPhone 7 or 7 plus’s they’d hold their breath, fearing the slightest slip that would lead to disaster.

Of course Apple did not disappoint, this time it was the Audio IC, after a heavy drop or accidental bend in the device the Audio IC would fail, the reason undetectable but the consequences dire.

Once starting the phone there was a problem with the phone not passing Apple Logo although connecting to computer it would be recognised as if the phone had fully started.

Techs started to software restore the phone’s which then would create a software error known as error 4013.
Further concern was whether or not it was the screen itself that was at fault or some other component within the devices screen assembly such as a flex cable or the home button, that could be the cause.

After a lot of research and repairs it was confirmed that the Audio Codec was at fault

The fault was confirmed to be the Audio codec that was causing these issues,  one way to detect the problem was if the phones microphones stopped working or if the speakers weren’t outputting sound and if the Voice Memos app on your home screen was greyed out, meaning it was disabled due to lack of hardware.

The Audio chip is commonly damaged by shock and unintended flexing of the device, usually resulting in a fracture at pad “C12” on the I2S_AP_TO_CODEC_MCLK line, this is technical jargon for the chip having physically failed to communicate with the rest of the device via one of its connectors, this stops the information from coming through in a completed state (Via the I2S bus) and therefore the device won’t recognise the information, this can result in the following symptoms.

Glitching/slow touch response
Stuck on Apple Logo
Boot Loops
No Audio


A One Mobiles & Repairs are offering this service for walk in customers and business customers.

Mail in Repairs accepted for Australia wide.


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