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Mail In Repair for A One Mobiles & Repairs

Mail In Repair for A One Mobiles & Repairs has been a part of our business for quite a long time now and it’s only getting stronger.
I wanted to take the time to explain how and who it can help and why that could be you.
We currently have accounts with clients like schools and government enterprises, corporate interests and large sporting organisations, we cater to every type of business and individuals some will mail their repairs and some are close by enough to walk them down to our local store.

A major benefit of mailing in your repairs to A One Mobiles & Repairs is that you can book in your device on our website and be able to track it and watch for any changes and notes that have been updated in the system, you can also track your parcel when it’s sent as we can input your tracking number for your express post parcel.aus post

The most common repairs for mail in are of course your common broken screen, LCD & Lens Or Digitiser.
But wait there’s more.
Today I want to touch base of the importance of our board level repairs and micro soldering work. There are a lot of repair stores that solely concentrate on their screen repairs and small part repairs like charging ports/speakers microphone replacements and other stock jobs that just about anyone can do with the right knowledge and equipment.
This is where we at A One Mobiles & Repairs set ourselves apart, often there will be occasions where expertise and speed is needed, times when a phone may need work like a Tristar replacement which will fix a non powering phone or a phone suffering from Touch IC disease or maybe even the phone has been water damaged.
Mail in repairs will help get customer a professional, satisfactory result but at wholesale pricing.
Where we excel even further is through our extensive DATA recovery service, to both Corporate Clients or Individuals we can offer board and chip level DATA recovery of some of the most damaged phones and gadgets you can imagine.
We are able to do DATA recovery for non powering and even water damaged phone’s.
A One Mobiles & Repairs can get DATA off your device and backup to a USB drive, upload it to the Cloud or NAS storage of your choice or any other medium you care to nominate.
You can find further reading on our techniques and services of mail in repair at

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