Why is there a Price Difference on Screens?

“Hello! How may I help you?”
The customer approaches, hand outstretched with hope in their eyes but a sinking feeling in their stomach.
“I dropped my phone this morning on my way to work and now I can’t answer it or check email or anything, can you help? What about the price?”
“We certainly can” says the A One Repair Technician.

He launches into his memorised explanation as to what the procedure entails, answering the customers every question with enthusiasm, this is after all, not just his job, but what he loves, finishing his speech with the price.

“Oh well the other place I saw in the next town over qouted me half that price, why are your repairs more expensive”.
He brims with a smile, this is his time to shine!

“I’m glad you asked, a lot of repair places can use lower grade parts, some offer no after service warranty or if they do it can take weeks and may end up in undesirable effects that you didn’t authorise or plan on, like a factory reset phone or lost functionality”

“At A One Mobiles & Repairs we communicate with every customer about every decision and process, we use only the highest quality parts available for any given repair and we give a very comprehensive parts and labor warranty, you only pay for the services and parts that actually fix the issues your device is facing, some places will charge you up front for broken screens that they break themselves during repairs or for parts they installed but ultimately swapped back out, any phone that is booked in under warranty is given priority and worked on immediately, we all truly believe the best way for our business to flourish, is to treat customers properly and with the service they expect from any place they spend their money”

“I see, but my friend had her screen replaced for sixty dollars at the market and you’re quoting a lot more when I know that is a simple part swap and shouldn’t cost so much” The customer smiles, a glint in their eye, explain that one!

“The problem with a lot of very cheap repairs is that they rarely have a warranty of any sort and the parts themselves are generally refurbished or low quality after market parts, the stores are often new and you can’t really guarantee they will be there in two months when the cheap option part they replaced malfunctions, A One Mobiles & Repairs has been in the same location for more then Fifteen years and we aren’t going anywhere!”

below are an example of the iPhone 6 original and aftermarket screen.

photosho iPhone 6 home button price

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