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Tempered glass


tempered glass


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one of our most popular products is our tempered glass screen protectors. As phone owners ourselves we know a slip of the hand can result in a shattered screen which can be a hassle to deal with. With the availability of tempered glass we are able to lessen this hassle by offering screen protector that provide a shock resistance to your phone screen so now you have a better chance of keeping your phone screen in top notch condition. Although there can’t be a 100% guarantee on no breakage it’s a safe choice as tempered glass are known to be 5 times stronger than normal glass . They have been designed with 3 layers, the bottom layer is absorbent silicon followed by Pet film and clear adhesive glass which is finalised with oleophobic coating to prevent finger prints while maintaining a similar glassy feeling to your original phone screen. Each scratch to your screen weakens its strength which is why this option increases the lifespan of you phone

Popular models are Iphone 6 6+ and now the iphone 7 series

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