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Did you know that nearly 15% of phones are damaged by spilt beer?

In todays blog post, the first of many the team here at A One Mobiles & Repairs hope to bring you, we’ll be talking about the questions we get the most and some fast and simple tips to help you figure out what might be wrong with your beloved device and how we can help!

One of the most common issues we see is a frozen phone.
Sometimes the phone is on and you can see the desktop or a particular app has frozen on the screen but no matter what, you can’t get it going again.
Other times the phone is off or the screen is black and nothing seems to get it going again.
We see this all the time at A One mobiles and it can quite often be a very simple fix.
For the Apple iPhone 3G to the iPhone 6 series, simply hold down the power button and the home button, thats the top button and the circular button on the front, for upto 20 seconds and your phone should restart.
For the iPhone 7 series its the power and volume down, for Samsung phones its usually the volume down and power button.
This is called a hard reset and there is no danger of losing information, its simply like hitting the reset button on your desktop computer, after all phones are just small computers and need a restart every now and then to shake out the digital cobwebs.

Link to reset iphone 7 and 7plus

IPhone 3,4,5,6 series how to soft reset link.

Another issue we run into a lot is repairs without back ups.
When people come to us with a software bug that needs fixing, a battery that might be on the fritz, WI-FI or network troubles or speaker and microphone faults,  the phone will often need to be restored or factory reset but that will wipe your data, so before bringing in your device we highly recommend plugging your phone into your PC or laptop, loading the software for your phone (see our list at the bottom of this post to find the software for the most common phones) and backing up your contacts, photos and any other important information you might want to keep.
This will save you both time and potentially money if we are required to wipe your phone in the course of our repair work.

Common Links

Sony Companion

Samsung Smart Switch




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