What is a network lock?
What is a network lock?
Basically, a network lock is a locking capability built into most GSM phones, giving network providers the ability to lock phones to their network. This means that you'll only be able to use sim cards for that network in the phone - it's a little cheeky if you ask us!
What is unlocking?
Unlocking is really just the process that A One Mobiles goes through in order to reset, or turn off the locking mechanism built into the phone. For the most part it's quite straightforward and we've very seldom run into issues with unlocking.
Is it illegal?


The short answer is no, not as far as we're aware. Network locks are not regulated in Australia and some potentially even violate the Trade Practices Act. Until we're advised one way or another and the law becomes clear, we'll happily remove those network locks and give you the freedom you deserve.