How to Unlock iPhone

Once you receive an email confirmation that your iPhone has been factory or officially unlocked please perform following steps.


Please ensure:


-- Your system is connected to internet.

--  Latest version of iTunes software is installed on your laptop or computer.

-- Make sure Find My iPhone is turned off before you order an unlock request or before updating to iOS 7.




To unlock your iPhone follow these steps:



  • 1. Insert an invalid SIM card in your iPhone. It is not mandatory that the SIM card is of the network you wish to unlock. You can insert any SIM card you have, apart from the SIM you are going to unlock.


  • 2. After inserting SIM card. Connect your iPhone with your PC using data or USB cable and wait until iTunes detects it.


  • 3. Once your handset has been detected it may prompt you with a message, the iPhone (or any label) failed to activate. If so, please try again later and your phone will display a message Activation Required.  Here detach your handset from computer and wait for 20 seconds.  Now reconnect it again with your PC and wait while your iTunes detects your phone again.


  • 4. When it detects your phone the second time, it may give you a message regarding carrier settings. If so you need to click OK or Continue. Let it Finish the process and complete all operations. After the process is done and completed successfully your iPhone will be unlocked.


  • 5. After a while you will see your carrier’s logo on the top left side of your iPhone screen.


  • 6. Sometimes it does not display an unlock message on the screen. If you like to see that your phone has been officially unlocked.  Restore your iPhone .You will be presented with the message "Congratulation's, your iPhone has been unlocked" once the restore has completed. (This step is optional.)


Your iPhone is now officially unlocked and you can now use it with any GSM network worldwide. This unlock is permanent and you can sync your phone with iTunes any time. Moreover, you can update it to latest iOS without having any effects on your phone’s unlock status.