Touch IC and other mail in repairs done by our competition.

Mail in repairs

We won’t leave your phone looking like garbage after our repairs.

The image you see below is quite a common problem we see with our mail in repairs from other stores.

Unfortunately not everyone is trained to do micro soldering and board repairs, and the outcome of unqualified attempts at repair, like the picture below of a mangled Touch Integrated Circuit Chip (IC) having too much heat applied and having the heat spread through the board to the underside of it and causing a whole bunch of resistors and capacitors to lose their connection and cause secondary issues, some of these components have even fallen off and become disconnected as a result of the heat.

This can have some major effects on your device including blank or malfunctioning camera, proximity sensor fail and even stopping sound from coming out of your speakers or earpiece.

So when you need to get your phone repaired, remember even the simplest job can have the most damaging results if done incorrectly by an under-qualified technician.

A One Mobiles & Repairs have been repairing phones for over 20 years in Geelong and have a great reputation for getting the job done fast and all our repairs are done in store!

We do all our repair ourselves and don’t send off your device off to third party repairers. You will see our guys in the back working away on the microscopes and soldering stations.

A Lot of repairs that we get in are not straightforward, most repair shops do not attempt these repairs themselves and many send the devices directly to us as we are one of a very small number of businesses  in all of Australia that can succesfully handle board level and micro soldering repairs

Common repairs like the tristar IC which is the chip that gives you connectivity to external devices like your computer and music docks or even HDMI capable TVs and Monitors.
Some repairs including backlight repairs and touch IC repair (commonly referred to as Touch IC Disease, when not attempted by another repairer can be turned around alot quicker.

When you receive mail in repairs that have NOT been successful this is what they more often then not look like.


Pretty gross!

So contact one of our COMPETENT technicians at A One Mobiles and we will always give you the highest quality work possible.

What Can Go Wrong When Repairing an iPad?

Ipad Repairs

As we get closer and closer to the limit of Moore’s Law, devices get more and more complex and so do their components.
iPads in particular have seen a large shift in internal design and complexity over the last year or so and as such repairing them has become more and more difficult.
The iPad Pro 12.9inch for instance has up to three times as many speakers as a traditional iPad, the screen assembly has an entirely separate daughter board that governs several new functions including 3D touch and the functionality of the Apple Pencil. The daughter board is a soldered on flat cable the is vary delicate and easily torn the repair will consist of removing the daughter board from original screen and attached to the new screen using a soldering iron and microscope.
What does this mean for the average screen repairer?
Possible disaster.
Like any industry, the more complex a task the more things can go wrong, from replacing the screws in the wrong positions, to damaged back light components and broken chips, all the way to accidentally broken screens or burnt or damaged components from soldering or heat gun accidents.
Some of the more common issues are:
FPC connectors being damaged during removal.

Changing the FPC connector which is board level repair that we often have sent in via mail in repairs across Australia we often see other technicians that have attempted to remove them in the incorrect way and caused one or more of the solder pads to be pulled off the board sometime’s they don’t matter as they have no lines that they connect to but other times they will need to be traced with new lines to get connectivity again. This is also a timely repair that could have been prevented if knowledge was applied.

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Backlight filters are often blown in Ipads when technicians attempt to repair the screens! why do they blow well the first thing that any repairer needs to do is disconnect the battery  especially the newer ipads tend to have more voltage running to the fpc connector that connects the lcd and digitizer! attempting to reconnect when there is current still at that FPC connection will no doubt leave you with no backlight on your screen, using micro soldering to fix this repair will be the way to go! we will need to replace those filters and sometimes even the diodes that will cause no backlight, this repair generally can be a quick turnaround depending on workflow send you ipad to A One Mobiles & Repairs as we accept all mail in repairs and board repairs across Australia.

back light filter
Back Light filter

Fingerprint sensor flex cable damage.
On the newer Pro series and air and mini iPads it is very easy to rip or damage the flex cable that connects the home key and sensor array to the logic board. Connectivity to the fingerprint sensor is married to the motherboard if broken or torn and they are replaced there will be no fingerprint sensor to unlock your ipad! unfortunately not even A One Mobiles & Repairs can fix this problem and will have to be send back to apple care to have them reprogrammed together.

The list of things that can go wrong while you are repairing a screen is as varied and myriad as the parts of the iPad itself.
The most common is.

  • Wifi antenna
  • backlight filters and diodes
  • FPC Connectors

A One Mobiles & Repairs accept board repairs and mail in repairs Australia wide.

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) Connector

What is a FPC connector and why do they get damaged?

FPC connectors are available in a variety of fine-pitch styles including BackFlip and Easy-On actuators.

They are most commonly used in phones to connect LCD, digitizers, proximity flex and camera connectionsFPC connector

Most of the times you would see one of these buggers get damaged with pry tools at the time of a screen replacement and with the iphones they are quite easy to damage.

Unfortunately they are not as easy to replace as they are to damage. As you can see in the above picture is the top end of the connector, sometimes those pins can get bent out or broken off. A One Mobiles & Repairs can replace them under our microscope with micro soldering and offer iPhone mail in repairs if you are not local to Geelong.

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Crazy enough this is not the only reason that they can get damaged! Yes again we have the culprit that we see a lot of phones get damaged by and that is moisture damage. As we offer services for water damaged phones we do get to see this FPC often get corroded and even burnt away. So don’t forget turn your phone off and don’t try to charge it when your phone has gotten wet and make sure you get it to a technician as soon as you can. We normally will have to chemically clean the board out and then get back to the fpc to pull off the connector and re tin the pads and resolder the new connector on. FPC connectors are found on not just iPhone’s they are found on Samsung phones Htc phones and Sony phones. A One mobiles and repairs will replace FPC connectors on any device that you need repairing, local and domestic.

FPC Connector
Water Damaged FPC connector replaced







The above FPC connections were lucky enough to be saved with just an ultrasonic clean although as i have mentioned that’s not always the case and will have to be replaced.

If you are have problems finding someone that can replace these connections we would love to hear from you.

We offer mail in repairs Australia wide and offer you wholesale prices for this repair if you are a repair store that does not offer this service in store.

A One Mobiles & Repairs will offer a fast return time and with express shipping

No Power On Your Phone?

Why is my phone not turning on?! Do you ask this question to yourself? That is because it doesn’t have any power.

The times that I can count when a customer comes into A One Mobiles and Repairs saying why is my iPhone not turning on and i was just using it and it turned off.

This one can be easy! most commonly your phone has just got too tired and wants to go to sleep yes your phone wont turn on but why?, the memory could be full and and the nand chip is just overloaded and can’t take anymore of that scrolling. Here’s all you need to do, hold the home and lock button down for about 20 seconds until you see the apple logo again and then release the buttons and simply wait till it is fully awake again.

If your reading this abroad and was thinking of Mailing in your repairs to us you have just saved some dollars, hope this helped.

Mail in board repairs may have to be your next option if the above does not work, there could be some harsher reasons that can cause your iphone, Samsung, Htc, Sony not powering on let’s have a look at what that could be.

I’ll start with one of the most common repair that causes your phone not to power on! and that is? yes you guessed it your Battery has died there is a few reasons why this may happen which i will write in separate Blog . A One Mobiles and Repairs can change your battery and make sure that that is the only thing that has made your phone stop working.

Let’s get a bit deeper and see if you need mail in micro soldering due to a small little chip that is called U2 or commonly known as tristar chip this chip can also cause your phone not to power on or even just not connect to your computer. With our ability with micro soldering and board level bga work, this chip can be changed and allow connectivity and allow your phone to power up again.tristar U2 a1610a3 power

Tristar U2 chip power
why no power

Another common issue that can cause your phone not to power up is a short on one or more of your rails on your motherboard. We in our industry will commonly hear our techs saying do you have a short on VCC_Main which is one of the line’s on an iPhone with no power. Well how do we diagnose that? there is a couple of ways to do that like external power supply and multi meters and when we do find it we can then remove the short that your phone has to allow power to smoothly flow through your circuitry.

Shorts on the board could be a capacitor or even your main power ic.

Mail in iPhone/ phone repairs are available right across Australia for these services so don’t stress if you don’t have anyone locally that can fix these issues we have our service to book in online. Simply post your cherished phones to us and we will quickly get them back to you. No Fuss no muss!

Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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IPhone 6 6s 6s+ No Backlight Repair

Lately we have seen quite a lot of phones with backlight repair issues coming into A One Mobiles.

What does no backlight mean well it means that your phone is functioning but you can just see a faint display through your screen but not enough to make out what is showing on your display, if you shine your torch into your screen it allows you to see your background picture or lock screen.

Why is my iphone 6 or 6s having back light issues?

The most common cause is once again that nasty moisture or water damage!
There are many chances that you have had your phone wet and it seems to be working for a while but a few days later BANG no backlight the corrosion/ oxidization has finally set in and has caused the  filter, diode, or even your backlight IC to fail.
If you’re lucky enough you may be able to replace these components and have your board cleaned for a functional phone again.
Don’t stress we at A One Mobiles & Repairs can fix that for you.

iPhone backlight repair


The next most common reason for your backlight repair to fail is OOPS you have tried to fix your iPhone yourself and hmmm ok you did not know that you had to disconnect your battery and there is still 5v running through too you FPC connector, so when you connect your new screen and try to see how you went and BANG, NO BACK LIGHT on your iPhone 6s.
Don’t stress we at A One Mobiles & Repairs can fix that for you too. Usually this fix is a bit more simple and can in most cases be just your backlight filter that’s blown and is no longer giving you power to your phone screen.iPhone backlight repair


A One Mobiles & Repairs Geelong offer this service for both consumer and other Mobile phone repairer’s that don’t have the equipment to complete this repair.

Mail in repairs are welcome and offered across Australia.

Thanks again for taking the time to read our blog.

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