Having an extensive experience of working in Market Square Shopping Centre since 1998, A ONE has witnessed a gigantic revolution in the mobile market from a time when a mobile phone was considered a luxury turning out into a conventional majority. The souk success of the hi-tech has only made our success share even more evident.

Our primary services included selling mobile phones on contract along with their parts and accessories. But we immediately became more conscious of the instant market uprising in the mobile market and developed strategies as how to be more creative and influential in our indigenous tech circle. We started with enclosure of repeat business approach as we would sell a phone to a person only to have that customer turn up in six months for repair or we would sell them a new phone (if required). Our customers were certainly not pleased with it if they were in loss. Their frustration was clearly comprehendible as we had a whole market resource untouched. Hence we started to contact suppliers and supplies at our earliest. Also we kept our self well informed and educated about the phone repair business and relevant knowledge.

It didn’t take us very long to be able to offer mobile repair services. In the beginning we only catered to our most valued customers. Customers who were already well acquainted and delighted with our swift and commendable services. Shortly we started to get more customers through referrals until one day an elderly approached us and very upsettingly complained that he couldn’t read anything on the cell phone screen as the lights of the phone were noticeably dim. We could persuade him to buy a new cell phone which seemed like an uncomplicated solution but we took it up as a challenge and brain stormed for solutions until we figured that replacement of globes from blue to yellow would supposedly increase the visibility and it absolutely did. Ever since then, we never looked back!