A1 Mobiles is your number one store for all your mobile needs. With over 20 years of industry experience, you can be assured of professional service at a competitive price. We specialize in repairs to almost any phone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony & iPhone just to mention a few. We pride ourselves in providing fast turn-around with quality parts and friendly service. We also stock a wide range of mobile Accessories, Prepaid mobiles, Unlocked mobiles & Second hand mobiles.

Why Thousands of People Trust A One Mobiles

Professional Service
We've been repairing your mobile handsets since the mid-late 90's. We have specialist on-site technicians to assist you with all repair enquiries. We offer a quote free repair service, so rest assured - you'll only need to pay for the actual repair!
Walk In
Most Phones can be done within 30-45mins. Water damaged phones can take a bit longer as we need to toughly run test on them.
90 Day Warranty
Warranty applies where the exact same fault occurs or the replaced component fails within 3 months of repair, void in the event of physical or water damage. No warranty is provided to water damaged phones.
Quality Parts
We always use the finest quality parts. Our parts are brought from reliable suppliers with whom we have used for many years. We do not use parts from sources like eBay.
Customer Support
Our goal is to go above and beyond, better than others. We are not just here for the service of your repair but also for the after service of your repair. We have a data pass of over 15000 regular customers from Geelong and other regions that we have been supporting for many years.
Price Satisfaction
At A1 mobiles we offer a competitive rate and can often price match.

Mobile Phone Unlocking for most makes and models...

What is a network lock?
Basically, a network lock is a locking capability built into most GSM phones, giving network providers the ability to lock phones to their network. This means that you'll only be able to use sim cards for that network in the phone - it's a little cheeky if you ask us!
What is unlocking?
Unlocking is really just the process that A One Mobiles goes through in order to reset, or turn off the locking mechanism built into the phone. For the most part it's quite straightforward and we've very seldom run into issues with unlocking.
Is it illegal?
The short answer is no, not as far as we're aware. Network locks are not regulated in Australia and some potentially even violate the Trade Practices Act. Until we're advised one way or another and the law becomes clear, we'll happily remove those network locks and give you the freedom you deserve.
iPhone screen repair specialists
A rich history in mobile phone repairs, unlocking and sales
Does your iPhone screen look like this or maybe the LCD screen is damaged. Get your iPhone screen repaired in 30-45mins. We have a qualified tech onsite 7 days a week to fix your iPhone screen disasters. You can drop your phone into our store or post it to us.